Sensi Seeds – Why Regular Cannabis Seeds Are Better Than Feminized Seeds

regular cannabis seeds

In a world of feminized seeds, many growers may wonder why Sensi Seeds still stocks regular cannabis seeds. The answer is simple.

On average, only half of the seeds in a regular pack will become female plants. That means more buds and less male plants wasting water and nutrients.


Before feminized seeds took hold in the 1990s, regular marijuana seeds produced both male and female plants. This makes them a good choice for growers who want to practice breeding. The male plants will produce pollen, which can fertilize the females and trigger seed production in their budding colas.

As a general rule, a pack of 10 regular seeds will yield around 50% female plants. However, this ratio can vary depending on the genetics and outside environment.

As a result, it’s best to purchase seeds from an experienced seed bank that provides detailed genetic information on their packets. Choosing a seed bank with a proven track record, plenty of repeat customers and cannabis cups is a good sign that they take their work seriously. They’re also more likely to provide a money-back guarantee, which will give you peace of mind. They’ll also be able to answer questions about the strains you’re interested in. This way, you can be sure that the seeds you’re buying will grow into a smokable crop.


Growing from seeds can be a challenge for new growers, especially since they must wait for the seed to germinate and become a plant. Clones are already plants, so they can be rooted and ready for cultivation much sooner. This makes cloning the faster and easier choice for most growers.

However, clones are more delicate than seeds, so they need to be handled gently and given the right conditions to thrive. Also, if the growing medium is too rich, the clone can rot before it becomes a productive plant.

Another drawback is that clones cannot be regrown, so they must be kept in the correct growing conditions or they will die. Finally, many reputable growers believe that taking a clone from a mature cannabis plant results in ‘worn out’ DNA and can negatively impact the plant. This argument has no scientific backing, but it is widely accepted amongst experienced growers. Clones also lack a taproot, instead developing secondary roots.


Regular cannabis seeds work exactly how nature intended. They have a 50% chance of producing male or female plants. They are ideal for first-time growers who want to learn how to cultivate. They also make excellent mother plants for creating high-quality clones.

However, growing regulars requires some sexing and isolation. Male plants are not only unattractive, but they can also pollinate female flowers and produce seedlings. This is undesirable if you are growing for consumption because it results in minimal cannabinoids and harsh smoke.

It is important to monitor the growth of your hermaphrodite plants to ensure that you remove them before they begin to produce seeds. If you do not, they may fertilize your female plants and cause them to produce inferior buds. Additionally, hermaphrodite plants require more care to keep them healthy than feminized plants. As a result, you’ll have to devote more time and resources to growing them. The result is that you’ll get half the yields of a feminized pack.


While feminized seeds are ideal for beginner growers, many experienced growers prefer regular cannabis seeds. They are usually cheaper and can produce double the yield of a feminized pack. Moreover, they allow the grower to work through the strains to find the best mother plant. This can be an exciting and rewarding experience. ILGM has a large selection of regular cannabis strains, including the popular Animal Gelato and Maui Wowie. These strains are Sativas that provide uplifting effects.

Growing regular seeds requires patience and attention to detail, but they can result in a higher quality harvest. They are also a good choice for growers who want to breed their own strains. Choosing the right seed can be challenging, so it is important to consider your growing environment and goals before making a purchase. I Love Growing Marijuana offers a variety of weed seeds at low prices and excellent germination rates. The company also offers free seeds and useful branded gifts with every order.