Buy Regular Cannabis Seeds

buy regular cannabis seeds

Grapefruit regular offers a biting citrusy taste with uplifting, motivating effects. This potent strain is the perfect wake n’ bake!

While feminized seeds produce only female plants, regular seeds will include on average 50% male specimens. This means you’ll have to quickly identify and remove male plants in order to ensure a predominately female crop.

Stable Genetics

Unlike feminized seeds, regular cannabis seeds will produce both male and female plants. This means that you will have to analyze your plant daily in order to determine its sex. The sex of a plant is determined by the presence or absence of pollen grains. Male plants produce pollen, which can be used to fertilize female plants to create new seeds.

Stabilizing genetics can be a complex process and it’s something that commercial growers tend to prioritize over home growers. This is because stabilizing a strain increases the likelihood that any desired phenotypes will be expressed and decreases the chances of unwanted traits showing up in a crop.

Dutch Passion has a great selection of regular marijuana seeds that offer classic, old school genetics. Our collection includes legendary landrace strains such as White Widow, Orange Bud, Mazar, Skunk #1 and Durban Poison. These classic strains are easy to grow and provide deliciously potent buds. This makes them the ideal choice for any experienced grower.

Less Expensive

The price of cannabis seeds varies depending on how popular a strain is, the costs of production and marketing, as well as seed bank reputation. It is important to consider these factors before purchasing cannabis seeds. The best way to find affordable cannabis seeds is to shop at reputable marijuana seed banks.

Seed banks like Mary Jane’s Garden provide a variety of payment methods including cash, money orders, credit cards, Bitcoin, and Interac E-transfers. They also offer fast and stealthy worldwide shipping. They have received great reviews from customers who have experienced high germination rates and potent effects.

Another good option is ILGM, which offers a 100% germination guarantee and free shipping on orders over $200. This company also has a wide selection of high-THC and high-CBD seeds. It also provides feminized seeds and has customer support available via email 24/7. It also runs frequent promotions. They also have a large selection of autoflower seeds for medical growers.

Asexual Reproduction

Even though feminized seeds have gained in popularity, many growers still prefer to buy regular cannabis seeds. For experienced growers, this type of seed allows them to experiment with new genetics by crossing different varieties. In this way, they can create strains that possess unique characteristics such as the legendary Chemdawg or the high yield and potent effects of Stardawg. Regular plants also produce more aromatic terpenes compared to their feminized counterparts.

For those that find all aspects of cultivation an exciting challenge, it is recommended to buy regular seeds over feminized ones. Although they may require a little more attention and care, the rewards are worth it for many growers. As long as the seeds are taken care of and properly stored, they should germinate and grow into healthy and productive marijuana plants. With the right germination and growing technique, they should be ready to harvest in no time at all. In addition, most reputable breeders offer a germination guarantee for their seeds.

Easy To Grow

It’s important to note that regular seeds can grow into either male or female plants. This can be problematic if you’re looking to produce smokable buds, as pollinated flowers don’t have the same potency and yield.

You can easily avoid this by sexing your marijuana plants or isolating them early into flowering. You can also simply purchase feminized seeds, which are genetically modified to produce only female plants.

Growing regular seeds is fairly simple if you follow the right steps. First, place your seeds in a cup of warm water and leave them there until they sprout roots. Once the sprouts appear, they can be transferred to a proper soil container. Remember to not over-water your seeds, as too much moisture can slow or even hinder germination. This is particularly true of autoflowering seeds, which require little more than constant sunlight to grow. However, these strains may also be susceptible to mold or bud rot.